Life Celebrated

Tracey Rickabaugh

Tracey Rickabaugh became interested in lifecasting after surviving cancer twice. Lifecasting is a process that creates one of a kind pieces that can last forever. The ability to capture precious moments in time – a couple’s entwined hands, a baby’s foot, a beloved pet’s paw, a family ring of hands – gives her great satisfaction. She loves working with families to create keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.

Prices start at about $50 and vary depending on pose and finish options.  Please contact me for more information!
(785) 862-3528 (landline, texting not available)



Tracey did a great job working with my mother and I to create this wonderful keepsake.  Mom is not very strong but Tracey was kind and gentle working with us.  Can't thank her enough.
Robin Merrifield
I can't tell you how much the "Sisters" Life Casting means to us. We have fun memories of us making it with you and especially now that our sister Vicky has passed away it is PRICELESS.
Denise McCorkill

It can take much longer to find a place of adjustment and healthy grieving when those needs are ignored and avoided. It’s not about the cost or the flowers or the casket or urn.  It’s about the healing power of speaking and embracing and acknowledging. So, call it a tribute, a gathering, a memorial, a funeral–please just have one.  It’s important to you, your health, your family and your community to carve out that sacred and special time to remember.

— Glenda Stansbury

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