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Toni Boyles

Toni Boyles is a national speaker, corporate trainer, business owner, mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, creative thinker, humorist, grandmother, author and most recently a Certified Life Celebrant.

After spending several months working for a funeral home, Toni noticed a major difference in the services she was observing. During some of the services she experienced laughter as well as tears and when the service was over she felt as though she actually knew the individual. At other times it seemed the person leading the service, knew nothing about the individual or their life. It was heart breaking to experience. Toni discussed her concern with those in the funeral profession and learned about Life Celebrants and their work with families. Because of her interest in assisting those families, she decided to become certified as a Life Celebrant. She believes it is vital to begin a healthy grieving process with a service that honors and celebrates your loved one.

Toni will meet personally with family and friends to ask questions, listen, offer suggestions and encourage you to be as creative as you wish to be in designing one of the most important events in your loved ones life.

Toni is a graduate of Washburn University with a B.A. in Communications. Before starting her own training company, A Place in Time, Boyles worked as a Staff Development Specialist for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Certified Celebrant
(785) 845-8325


The ceremony was beautiful and Toni did an amazing job of putting everything together.
Jamie Lensing
Toni led the service for a long time friend of mine. She made the celebration of his life a very personal and enjoyable experience. After the service, everyone was talking about what a wonderful job she had done.
Randy Gregg
Thank you, Toni, for such a heartfelt and sincere service for Bill today. There isn’t a better choice in the world than you to lead the celebration of his life. ❤️
Caitlin Roehrman
Toni did a wonderful job on the Celebration of Life for my stepdad Bill. She took the time to listen to our stories and used them in the most beautiful way during the ceremony.
Jinny Henry

It can take much longer to find a place of adjustment and healthy grieving when those needs are ignored and avoided. It’s not about the cost or the flowers or the casket or urn.  It’s about the healing power of speaking and embracing and acknowledging. So, call it a tribute, a gathering, a memorial, a funeral–please just have one.  It’s important to you, your health, your family and your community to carve out that sacred and special time to remember.

— Glenda Stansbury

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