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Cynthia Stotlar-Hedberg

Working with Cynthia as your Celebrant will be as easy as it can possibly be. YOU will be her focus. Making sure YOUR specific needs are met will be her goal. If you want something religious, that can be done. Cynthia is a life-long Christian and certainly can meet these needs. However, if you wish no mention of God, so be it. If you want a mini-rock concert, that can be designed. Blues? Yes. Country? Yes. If you love poetry, she has resources!

Cynthia is a Certified Celebrant. She is also an author of A Caregiver’s Companion Spiritual Support for the Stressed Out Soul chosen as 2017’s Best Book on Caregiving by Focus on Women, a blogger on Caregiving, a caregiver to her husband with Stage 4 colon cancer, a facilitator of GriefShare for church groups, a Board member, an artist, a poet, a corporate trainer, an entrepreneur, a grandmother and someone who simply likes to give back.

Cynthia will lead you through the process and bring ideas for you to think about, review and give a thumbs up or down. She will listen, ask questions, listen and ask and listen some more. She writes what she hears and if time is available at all, you will have the opportunity to review and edit what is said so that it is as close to perfect as possible. If there are friends, co-workers or other relatives you want her to chat with, she will reach out to them to round out the eulogy. She floats around the service and chats to see if there are stories to add in from those in attendance.

Cynthia weaves the stories into a life story that brings the person to life, brings smiles, tears and laughter to the service. People left saying it was the best service they have been to – ever.
Certified Celebrant
(785) 806-3128


Your empathy, your deft skills at a podium, your heart for grieving gave us an observance that helped the rest of us understand how to cope with a loss no one knew how to manage.
Helen Crow
I thought it was a very nice service, just what we all envisioned. Numerous family and friends stated the same and some were saying it was the best they had attended.
Brian Lewis
How lucky we were to be connected to you. Even though you did not personally meet Melinda, you captured her essence after talking to us for a brief period of time. Thank you and we love your painting.
Fondly, Marilyn, Steve, Carly Steph
Thank you for the service you conducted for Chris. Our family is truly appreciative of the consolation you gave to us during this tragic time and the very meaningful service.
Sylvia Barnett

It can take much longer to find a place of adjustment and healthy grieving when those needs are ignored and avoided. It’s not about the cost or the flowers or the casket or urn.  It’s about the healing power of speaking and embracing and acknowledging. So, call it a tribute, a gathering, a memorial, a funeral–please just have one.  It’s important to you, your health, your family and your community to carve out that sacred and special time to remember.

— Glenda Stansbury

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