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What does it mean to work with a Certified Life Celebrant?

Now that fewer and fewer people are affiliated with a specific church, they may not have a pastor or priest they want to do their funeral. Or they may not want a traditional service. That is where we often come into the picture. We can conduct the service with or without religious references, help select songs, poems, readings, and learn the special stories that need telling. Then we help develop the service so it tells about your loved one. We also usually do something so that memories can be gathered by those attending. It comes full circle just like the circle of life. It provides needed closure. It is love.

What do purple, red and blue stones, poker chips, puzzle pieces, Millionaire bars, or carabiners have in common? They are remembrances of lives well lived. The puzzle pieces were for someone who loved doing puzzles of all kinds and had even gotten one of their puzzles accepted by the New York Times. The Millionaire Bars were for the consummate casino goer who lived for playing the slots and hitting it big. The carabiners were for someone who loved the open road and traveling the road less traveled through life. We, as Celebrants, selected these items with different families so that those attending their services can leave with a small remembrance of their individual loved one.

Celebrants believe that everyone deserves to be remembered. Done correctly there will be both laughs and tears. There will be a sense of really knowing the soul who is leaving us and a call to honor that soul as we continue our lives. A call to action is included for what we need to do for one another and for the world at large.

Being a celebrant may seem like an unusual thing for someone to do, but we find it comforting to help families through what is a very stressful time and hope we’ve lessened that stress if only a little. Receiving hugs after the service and hearing “that was just what we wanted,” is huge.


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It can take much longer to find a place of adjustment and healthy grieving when those needs are ignored and avoided. It’s not about the cost or the flowers or the casket or urn.  It’s about the healing power of speaking and embracing and acknowledging. So, call it a tribute, a gathering, a memorial, a funeral–please just have one.  It’s important to you, your health, your family and your community to carve out that sacred and special time to remember.

— Glenda Stansbury

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