Selecting Readings or Poems for Celebrations of Life

1.    Think about the person you are memorializing.

Whatever poems or reading you select should reflect the person’s personality or life philosophy. If your loved one is a dog lover, gardener or horse lover, then something fitting one of those areas of his/her life would be fitting but if your lovie was really snarky  or sarcastic, you might find a cartoon or joke that captures them better.

2.    Decide the tone you want.

If you want more upbeat and funny, look for cartoons and/or telling family stories will get you that feel. If you are going for a more religious tone, Biblical readings or quotes would be better. If you want a casual but reflective tone, google quotes or reading on topics that would fit your loved one’s hobbies or interests.

3.    Ask others for suggestions.

Much like songs, there are really  no right or wrong choices for funeral readings or poems. You keep within the bounds of good taste and you are not limited by genre or style. In fact, we often see unconventional choices added to Celebration of Life ceremonies. The important thing to remember is that they should respect and honor the deceased.

We have ideas for poems and readings on our website plus you can easily google ideas. I enjoy writing poetry so if you do you enjoy writing, consider writing something yourself or if you’d like me to write something special for your loved one, I can or can research ideas for you.

Sometimes song lyrics make good readings. So don’t forget to use them as a resource as well.

The best thing to remember is that whatever you use, it should reflect the deceased’s personality and those listening should easily connect the reading to the one who is being memorialized. You want those listening to say: “Yes! That was perfect for …”

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